How To Use Premium YouTube Account For Free On YouTube Vanced Apk (15.05.54), AD Free

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Youtube vanced

YouTube Vanced is an inauthentic version of YouTube to enjoy premium YouTube account for free.

With YouTube Vanced apk, you can watch all YouTube videos without ads and there are a lot of features in YouTube Vanced apk.
Honestly, if you have the money to purchase YouTube premium account, please do. YouTube Vanced should be used by those who don’t have the money to purchase the premium YouTube account.
YouTube Vanced has a lot of features like Dark Mode, Background Play, Pop-up Box, Ad-Block and many more.
The YouTube Vanced apk is developed by Team Vanced from XDA Developers. All the features in the apk is free of charge.
I’ll be sharing the apk today for free download with direct link.

What’s YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced is the inauthentic version of YouTube Premium with a better features you can get on the YouTube premium account.
YouTube Vanced comes with advance features like Background play, Dark Mode, Pop-up box and lots more.

Few Features Of YouTube Vanced

  • Ad-Block: No ads display when using YouTube Vanced, just like YouTube premium account. It shows no ads at all.
  • Background Play: YouTube Vanced apk comes with overlay video background play and you can listen to music in background also.
  • Pip Mode: The pop-up video box enable you to watch any type of video using YouTube Vanced while you perform other task in the mobile phone with picture-in-picture mode.
  • Save Video For Offline: You can also save any video for offline use, just like the normal YouTube app,
  • No Root: Even if your mobile phone is not rooted, you can use YouTube Vanced apk without any issues. YouTube Vanced also work even if you don’t uninstall the original YouTube app.
  • HDR Mode: You can force the app to use HDR mode to increase video quality
  • Support And Stability: YouTube Vanced support Android 4.4+ and the app is highly stable

How Safe Is YouTube Vanced Apk?

The YouTube Vanced apk is developed by Team Vanced who are prior developers of popular YouTube downloader app iYTBP.
The YouTube Vanced apk had passed through a lot of tests from big tech companies, tested on various antivirus devices for malware and stability. But no threats/virus is found in the app, so it’s safe to use.


The sign in button in the YouTube Vanced apk might not work if you don’t download and install MicroG.

How To Use YouTube Vanced Apk

  • After downloading YouTube Vanced apk above with the link, install and open the app
  • Once again, download and install MicroG if you wished to connect your email to the YouTube Vanced apk.
  • You should grant all the permissions if the app asked you to.

What If You Are Facing Issues With YouTube Vanced Apk?

If you are facing any issues, let’s try to solve the common issues we’ve studied so far.

Fix The App Not Install

If the app (YouTube Vanced) doesn’t install all your mobile phone, kindly free up some space on your mobile phone by clearing data/caches or deletes so apps you are not that using again

Fix App Not Working

I told you before that you should grant all the YouTube Vanced Apk permissions. Otherwise, the app won’t work on your mobile phone because you didn’t permit the app to work.

Fix Login Issues

If you are having this issue, you are doing yourself. I told you to install MicroG so you will be able to login you email in the app (YouTube Vanced)
If you are still facing any challenges in YouTube Vanced apk, drop the comment below and I’ll be happy to reply you.
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