Top 5 Things You Should Never Search On Google

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We’re going to discuss the top 5 things you should never, ever search on Google. Google is the largest search engine in the world. Despite being the biggest search engine doesn’t ensure that it safe always. Google is safe to visit but there are some searches from Google that are fake.

There’s something you need to know about Google searches. When you search for any keyword on Google, it shows searches that are related to the one you searched for. Note that Google can show both authentic and inauthentic searches if it’s related to what you searched for.

That’s why it’s good to know what you should search and what you should never search on Google. Don’t think that all the searches displayed on Google are genius. Some are inauthentic while some are authentic. If you don’t accept the fact about things you should never Google, you might regret it later.

Read carefully and don’t miss and line in the list below.

Top 5 Things You Should Never Search On Google

1. Medicine/Prescription For Any Illness

You should Never search for medicine in Google, remember Google is not 100% safe from hackers and criminals. It’s very dangerous if you took the medicine suggested by Google, what if it’s from fake websites and you end up killing yourself with fake drugs.

For example: If you have a pimple, it may show you the pimple as a symptom of skin cancer, which is not at all correct.You should see your doctor if you are facing any disease or sickness. Never search for medicine on Google, it’s more dangerous.

2. Android Applications

Never you search for the Android app on Google because you might download an app that is created by hackers. Hackers do build their own Android app which you won’t know that it’s created by them. Those applications are Trojan and it’s very dangerous to have that kinda application on your Android device.

If you need any Android app, visit the Google Play store and download it as you like. Play Store Applications are more secured than applications you download through Google search.

Never you download applications from unknown or untrusted sources. Those insecure applications can be used to steal your confidential information and spy on you by those hackers.

3. Financial Advice

Avoid taking financial advice from Google, it’s dangerous and it can lead to “Had I Known”.Talking about financial advice, Like “where I should invest my money or In which stock I should invest”.

What if you get a piece of outdated information? This can lead to a huge loss and you regret your action. Then you be like “Had I known”. You should avoid any financial advice suggested by Google.

4. Online Banking Website

Do not search for Online banking website on Google if you don’t know the exact link of the bank website. You might visit the scammer’s website. Actually, we used to type the bank name in Google to visit their website.

Just know that hackers are creating phishing websites of the same bank you’re searching for. Those hackers make sure that their own inauthentic website has a domain name that looks like an official bank domain name.

If you provide any information to the phishing website, then there are chances of you get hacked. If it’s a must for you to visit your bank website, ask the bank for their official website link and then access it.

5. Government Website or Scheme

Never search for government schemes or websites in Google. Some Government website you see when you searched for it on Google are from fake source. In fact, some bloggers do create a government website to get tons of traffic to their own websites.

When you search for any government scheme, fake search also shows up in the result.

Information provided by this fake website may be outdated and they could steal your data as well. Always visit the authentic Government website and never made a mistake to fall for scammers. That’s all if you have any questions or queries kindly drop it below in the comment section, don’t forget to share this post as well.

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