Reasons Why You Should Start A YouTube Channel

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Today, I feel like putting some people through this YouTube channel of a thing. Starting a YouTube channel is easy and doesn’t require a blog before starting. 
Having a YouTube channel is great, some youtubers are making huge amount monthly than some salary earners. 
I have made my research very well and I have come to gather this that YouTube channel is a great work you should start. 
Honestly, you can’t start YouTube channel today and have millions/thousands of subscribers today as well, so it’s a long process that can takes almost a year before you create the awareness and have numerous subscribers. 
YouTube channel is like a blog that we post often and after a lot of hard work, you will succeed if you know what you are doing. 
Once again, you don’t need a blog before starting YouTube channel, you can do that if you want but it is optional. 

Reasons Why You Should A YouTube Channel

  • You Can Start YouTube Channel For Free
Starting YouTube channel won’t cost at all, because it is totally free of charge. 
  • You Can Earn Millions Of Naira With A Video On YouTube
According to Dan Lok, a popular youtuber. He said in one of his videos that he earned $4,000 on one of his videos with 1 million views. Do you see that it is cool? I know some people 6 months salaries is not up to that $4,000.
Think about this, if Dan Lok can make $4,000 in one of his videos with 1 million views, then at least Dan Lok published about 10 – 15 videos monthly. Let’s say 5 of that videos generate 1 million views or more, then you can simply know that is not a peanut money. 
  • You Can Build Your Brand On YouTube
Even if you have a blog, you can also build your brand on YouTube. It’s good and as a blogger, you earn on your blog with at least 3 ads and you also earn on YouTube. Do you see that it is cool? Yeah, it is. 
  • You Can Get Traffic & Backlinks To Your Blog If Your YouTube Video Go Viral
Yes, if your YouTube video go viral and you include your blog address in the video description. You will get backlink from YouTube and you will definitely get a lot of traffic to your blog. 
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