How to Power All Apps on Glo WTF Social Bundle via Psiphon Pro VPN

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It’s surprisingly that you can power all apps on the Glo WTF Social Bundle plans, this is making it more enticing. As we’ve discussed in our previous blog post on Glo WTF Social Bundle, you can get a whopping 500MB for just N100, 200MB for just N50 and 100MB for just N25.

This is making it more enticing and affordable for 99.9% Glo users. You can browse cheap with this social bundle and even use it to power all apps. You can use it to download and even use it beyond social media apps.

We need the help of this Psiphon Pro VPN for everything to work flawlessly.

Remember that no need for VPN configuration. If you found any config file online, just know it all lies. This trick doesn’t require any config file.

How to Use Psiphon Pro VPN to Power All Apps Using Glo WTF Social Bundle

No configuration needed here, just follow the instructions below

  1. Firstly, Subscribe to any of the Glo WTF Social Bundle here
  2. After Subscribing to any social bundle, download Psiphon Pro VPN Here
  3. Install and open the Psiphon Pro VPN
  4. Hit the connect button in the Psiphon Pro VPN and wait for the server to loads before connecting
  5. After you get connected, just start surfing the internet with the Glo WTF Social Bundle

We’ve test this Cheat and it working perfectly fine, leave a comment below if you like it and don’t forget to share. Join us on Telegram

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