Opera News Hub: How To Accumulate More Than N50,000 Monthly

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Hello guys, I feel like sharing this great platform with you. I have been using Opera News Hub since the month they launched that platform which is November 2019.

I have been making some cool money this platform (Opera News Hub), I want to share the grace with everyone here.

I have been making some cool money from this app and it is the best for me now.

I’m going to shows you everything you need to know about Opera News Hub and how you can get a lot of clicks and when Opera do pay their writers.

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I said it before that I have joined this Opera News Hub platform since November so I know everything about them.

What’s Opera News Hub?

Opera News Hub is a content publishing platform where all writers are paid for sharing original contents.

Opera News Hub has three segments such as Create, Share and Earn.

Why Should I Join Opera News Hub

  1. You can make over N50,000 from Opera News Hub monthly
  2. You can increase your writing skills knowledge
  3. You can get tons of traffic to your blog if you have
  4. You can increase your social media followers and subscribers if you include your links in the article you write for Opera News Hub

How Legit Is Opera News Hub

Honestly, Opera News Hub is owned by Opera themselves. You know Opera is not a fake/fraud company.

According to Wikipedia, Opera Software AS is a Norwegian software company, primarily known for its desktop Opera web browser, and its mobile counterpart Opera Mini.

Opera software was founded in 1995, which is 25 years ago. I can say, this Opera products can’t be fake or illegal product.

Just like Opay, it is also owned by Opera Software. Let’s talk about how to sign up with Opera News Hub

How To Register On Opera News Hub

  • Register now via https://hub.opera.com and login with your Facebook account.
  • Secondly, fill your Wemedia name (That’s the name your Opera news hub account will carry) and upload image and also fill the description
  • Don’t forget to enter your Opay number to get paid for your articles
  • After doing all that, wait for Opera news admin to approve your account
  • After getting approval, you can click the plus sign to start sharing your unique article

What’s The Payment Day?

According to my research, Opera make payment on everything 15th of the month. But your payment may be extended to maybe 17th, because I can recall I received my own payment on 17th of this month.

How To Calculate Your Earnings

Opera pay per click on your post is N0.036 which means you will definitely get N36 for 1,000 clicks.

5,000 clicks will give you N180 while 10,000 clicks is N380.

They also pay based on engagements such as Like + Share + Comments.
You will be paid N1,000 for 100 engagements.

Reasons Why Your Article May Be Rejected On Opera News Hub

  • Avoid PLAGIARIZE: Always ensure that your post is unique, fresh and original which can’t be found elsewhere.

Don’t copy from any source before posting on Opera News.

  • Avoid Grammatical Errors: Don’t post what audiences can’t understand, write like a pro and make sure your post is well constructed.
  • Avoid Spamming: Don’t not join this platform if you are the link spammers type. Too much of links in your article can lead to disapprove.
  • Avoid Using Clickbait Titles: Using titles that doesn’t relate to your article will definitely be disapprove and this may cause your Opera News Hub account to be suspended/banned.
  • Avoid Capitalizing Your Titles: If you titles is capitalized, then it won’t get admin approval.
  • Avoid Pornographic Images: Don’t use pornographic images in your article for your articles to get approval

How To Know If Your Article Will Get Approval On Opera News Hub

Since your content is unique, fresh and originally written by you. Then wait for sure approval, no one will reject your article. And also follow adhere to the “Reasons Why Your Article May Be Rejected On Opera News Hub” above.

How To Get More Engagements On Opera News Hub

It’s the best to make sure that your articles get good engagements for you to make over N50,000.

To get more engagements, always share your Opera news approved article with your friends whose is also Opera News Creator. Share with friends and get more clicks and comment to earn more.

Upgrade Your Opay Account If You’re Expecting More Than N50,000 From Opera News Hub

According to Opera News hub post on Facebook, you need to upgrade your Opay account if you are expecting more than N50,000. And also upgrade if you are expecting more than N500,000

How Can I Upgrade My Opay Account

  • Kindly open Opay App, then click on Account
  •  Tap on the > symbol above
  •  Click on Upgrade to KYC 2 if you are expecting more than N50,000
  • Fill the details requires your BVN. Verify your BVN and you are done.
  • You need to upgrade to KYC 2 first before upgrading to KYC 3
  • KYC 3 is for those expecting more than N500,000 and KYC simply means Know Your Customer


With over 163 million users, you should start writing now and become one of the faithful creators at Opera News Hub.
I have been making some money with Opera, join me today let’s earn together.

Leave a comment of you’re facing any issues with Opera News Hub and I’ll be happy to answer you. 

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