Important Things To Consider Before Buying A New Mobile Phone

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Mobile phones

Mobile phones as getting perhaps the best gadget out there. The facts demonstrate that a few of us don’t have the foggiest idea how to purchase a decent smartphone. I will expound on the variables to consider before purchasing a new phone. A few people will purchase a new phone and won’t care for the phone again in the wake of utilizing it for certain weeks or months, this is on the grounds that you don’t have the foggiest idea about the elements you ought to consider before purchasing a new Phone.

As of late, one of my brothers purchased a new phone. The phone has a unique finger impression sensor, face opens and great camera pixel. In the wake of utilizing the phone for multi week, he doesn’t care for the phone again in light of the fact that the phone battery gets low excessively fast and it’s not fast while charging. So my brother needs to deal the phone to get a new one.

Try not to be shocked by their stunning highlights, some phone will have astonishing highlights however come up short on a decent battery life. Regardless of how great a phone is, without a decent battery, the phone is in no way to my liken.

Without sitting around idly, we should go into the central matters.

Important Things To Consider Before Buying A New Mobile Phone

1. Durability

If I somehow managed to pick a decent smartphone for myself, I will search for the durability. Nobody needs to purchase a new phone each week. Everybody needs to purchase a phone that will keep going long, you need to check the phone quality.

All things considered, there are two kinds of phone in the market which are the metal and the plastic one. You should know the sort that best meets your requirements.

2. Battery Life

Actually, this is my main goal when purchasing a new phone. In the event that you purchase a phone with low battery limit, that sort of phone will consistently get low following a couple of hours. I’ve seen a phone that the battery limit doesn’t keep going for two hours.

On the off chance that you are purchasing a new smartphone, purchase a phone with in any event 4000mAh or more so your phone can remain longer before you charge it once more.

3. Fast charging

When purchasing a new phone, after you have picked the one with a decent battery life, your point should how fast is the phone when charging or to what extent for mobile phones to completely energized. There is some phone that utilizes 2 – 3 hours to completely energized.

There are a few phones out there that are fast in charging. On the off chance that you need a mobile phone with fast charging, guarantee that you get a mobile phone that offers fast charging tech like Fast Charge and Xcharge.

4. Processor

Having a decent processor inside your phone will make your phone run faster when messing around disconnected/web based, gushing on YouTube and when you open a huge record.

A phone with a fast processor will open all your most loved applications in a squint of an eye, and your errands will be done in a matter of seconds. Yet, a phone with a frail processor will bring about terrible client experience and may cause issues, for example, overheating and slacking.

As of November 2019, the best mobile processor is Apple A13 Bionic which controls the iPhone 11 Lineup. Among Android gadgets, the Snapdragon 855+ is as of now the best processor followed by Kirin 990 5G, Snapdragon 855, Kirin 990 4G & Exynos 9825. The HiSilicon Kirin 980 is the ninth best chipset for Android gadgets after the Exynos 9820.

5. Internal Storage And RAM

You ought to get a phone with in any event 16GB internal storage or more and 2GB RAM. At the point when you are wanting to purchase a new mobile phone, ensure you are going for the best mobile phone that meets your requirements.

In the event that you are a game sweetheart, go for a mobile phone with at any rate 3GB RAM or higher. So your phone can run faster without slacking. You ought to likewise purchase a phone with 16GB of Storage or more, note that a few games occupy to 1GB room.

6. Camera Quality

Is it true that you are the sort that preferences selfies? In the event that truly, you should purchase a mobile phone with a decent camera pixel. 18MP or more is a decent camera pixel.

You can simply Google it that which one has the best camera pixel.

7. Think about Expense

At long last, the expense of the phone you need to purchase must be thought of. You may see a phone online that you need to go for, however you can’t accepting the phone since you can’t bear the cost of it.

After the picked phone with the audits above on battery life, durability, processor, RAM, and storage. The expense of that mobile phone might be unreasonably costly for you.

There is some mobile phone with the audits above and they are modest, make a decent research on that phone and watch videos on YouTube.


Try not to plan to purchase a modest phone that would not serve your necessities. It’s smarter to purchase a quality mobile phone than an amount.

I will say this once more, don’t neglect battery life when purchasing a new phone. It’s probably the best interesting point when purchasing a new mobile phone.

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