How To Hide All Files Without Using Any Application

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In today post, I will shows you how I hide my videos, music, photos and gif without making use of any applications or software. 

Nowadays, 40% of people has underage content on their mobile phone, laptop and many more. Honestly, we should know how to hide those underage content because of kids. 
Don’t allow those underage people to watch those sexual videos on your smartphone, try to hide it. 
Sometimes, you may give your mobile phone to your children, if you didn’t hide those underage content then you are definitely spoiling his/her life. 
Actually, there are hundreds of Android app on Play Store that can hide videos, pictures and many more.
Let me show you how to create a hidden folder. We must create a hidden folder to store our files so our files too will be hidden. 

How To Create A Hidden Folder On Your Phone

  • Firstly, open File Manager »» SD Storage
  • Secondly, tap on New Folder to create a new folder. 
  • Give the folder a name that start with dot, see the screenshot above for more understanding
  • You can use any name but make sure the dot is the prefix. 
You will notice that you didn’t see the folder you created. That’s means the folder is hidden. 

How To Show The Hidden Folder On Your Mobile 

  •  Tap on Show and select Show Hidden Files. 
Note that some phone option to Show the hidden files is not like my phone. You can click on the three dots at the left corner to Show the hidden folder on some phone. 

How To Hide Your Videos, Music, Photos And Gif Without Making Use Of Any App

After you’ve successfully created the hidden folder, it’s time to hide the files you want to. 
Move your videos, photos, music and gif to the hidden folder you’ve created. 
Don’t copy the files you want to hide, move it or cut it to the hidden folder. 
The files won’t appear in your phone gallery and if it is music, it won’t display in the boomplay/music app. 
In fact, all the files you moved to the hidden folder won’t appear on your phone except you locate it through the File Manager. 
  • You can simply view your hidden files by locating File Manager »» SD Storage »» The Hidden Folder and view your files. 
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