Glo APN: Fast 4G Manual Internet Settings Configurations for Android, IPhone, and PC

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We have heard so many complain about GLO and its snail 🐌 browsing connection and download speed, and have come up together with a simple and working method which does not just solve the slow browsing connection and download speed, but also helps to resolve glo connection going OFF and ON always.
In this article we shall be showing you glo data settings to make your browsing faster.

This is the best tutorial on how to go about GLO data connection not coming up, or at some point comes up and goes off consistently. Also if you are that unlucky one who finds the GLO network offensive because of slow network connection and download speed, worry no more just as we have got you covered with the latest and fastest GLO APN settings for android and to enjoy glo browsing in 2021 always.

This issue has been up for years now and still trending up to date! Luck is you to found this tutorial for free.

Latest fastest Glo APN settings for android and IOS (Fast browsing/download Spead) 2021/2022

Ensure to follow the steps below to fix the GLO connection problem (Connection ON and OFF/Slow Network download speed and browsing).Note that, the below glo apn settings for android works perfectly well for glo 4g lte and 3g sims on all devices. We can further say glo 4g lte apn settings configuration.
We have made all information short and easy to understand for everyone viewing this post! So do enjoy reading belowIn regards to this update, here is the fastest glo apn settings for android and ios devices (iPhone).


  • Go to phone settings
  • Go to More and select cellular network
  • Click on Access point names (APN)
  • Tap on the ➕ sign at the top right side of the screen to create a new APN for GLO.

 Now input

  • Name – FBC or any name you wish to set as APN name. (doesn’t affect the process)
  • APN – (don’t be confused about the APN configuration address) input as instructed to enjoy fastest glo apn settings for android.
  • APN type – tick all. (Just if you don’t have it, skip it through)
  • Kindly leave the rest just the way they are (Username/password and the rest should remain empty and just the way they are).
  • Now simply tap on the three-dotted icons right and tap save.

Congratulations, you have successfully created the fastest GLO APN settings for android, 4g lte and 3g sims in 2021. Now simply activate the new apn settings for glo and turn on your data connection to enjoy maximum internet speed and no internet fluctuation while browsing.

After successfully activating the latest and fast APN settings for GLO browsing 2021

  1. You can now continue browsing without network fluctuating (Glo internet connection ON and OFF),
  2. Enjoy maximum speed with this new GLO data settings configuration.
  3. Download and surf the internet even in a local place with no good GLO service signal 📶. Super fast glo apn setting 2021
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Note: Don’t bother about the APN configuration, using MTN APN settings as the APN for GLO settings it makes the connection stable and active, just use the above MTN APN. It works just fine and good.

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