Easiest Way To Recover Hacked Facebook Account

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Do you have Facebook account that has been hacked recently? If yes, then let me show you how you can recover that Facebook account with ease.

Before we move on, let’s check the reasons why your Facebook account can be hacked.

3 Unknown Reasons Why Your Facebook Account Is Hacked

  • Trust no one with your Facebook account login details
  • Don’t login your Facebook account on another person’s phone. Even if you did so, don’t forget to logout.
  • Don’t login in chrome browser, some browser save your login details, especially chrome auto fill
  • Let’s talk about how you can recover your Facebook account after you have been hacked.

Always take notice of every activity on your Facebook account, if you are seeing messages you didn’t send or comment which you didn’t know about. If you see a new status you didn’t post on your Facebook account, kindly know that someone is doing that and a few times, they’ll finally hack your account.

How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account

  • Enter your account’s username, email or phone number. Fill in the information and tap on “Search“.
  • Add your recent or old password that you remember
  • Once Facebook confirmed that you are the real owner of the FB account, they’ll take you to a page to change your password
  • Facebook will shows you the email address attached to your account, then you can tick the one that belongs to you and the other will be deleted by Facebook.
  • Lastly, tap on the next button and your account will be restored back by Facebook.

Let’s know if this works out for you. We’re going to post more tips like this to ensure everyone is safe online.

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