Top Best Offline Multiplayer Soccer Games

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Soccer games

Are you looking for the best offline multiplayer soccer games for Android? If yes, then you’re at the right place. Offline football games are good but can’t be compared with online football games.

However, I’m going to list out the best offline multiplayer soccer games we’ve found so far for Android.

Online football games are quite good but it requires a stable, active and high-speed internet connection and if you don’t have the requirements, then you’ll be stuck on the game especially if you have poor internet connection.

Multiplayer soccer games are good but most of them are online games, what of our beloved brothers that are in need of offline soccer games, then this is why I’m going to enlighten you on the top best offline multiplayer soccer games for Android.

I’m going to write out the best offline soccer games for Android I’ve found so far for y’all. Now you can enjoy playing multiplayer soccer games on your smartphone, not even only you but with your friends.

Top Best Offline Multiplayer Soccer Games For Android

Below are the list of the best offline multiplayer soccer games you can play with your friends locally.

1. Dream League Soccer (DLS)

Dream League Soccer is one the best football games available for mobile devices. You can enjoy and capture a 3D motion picture per moves. This game gives you everything and it’s one of the best offline multiplayer soccer games I have seen. You have the ability to create your own dream team from more than 3,500 pro licensed football players.

You have the ability to play team vs team with your friends over Wi-Fi hotspot network.

Key Features

  • You can create, build and raise up your dream team with top players.
  • You have a lot of improvements in the gameplay such as animations and advanced AI.
  • You have the chance to create your own soccer kingdom from your own stadium to commercial, medical and training facilities.
  • You can also make use of expert coaches for training your team players and get them trained.
  • You can also improve your gaming experience to the next level.

Download DLS Here

2. Football Strike

Football strike game is good and it’s endless competitive football fun. You have can customize your striker and goalkeeper to your taste. You have the ability to make a name for yourself when playing Career mode.

It’s a simple football game with multiplayer mode which enables you to play with your friends locally.

Key Features

  • Offline multiplayer mode is available
  • Easy controls and realistic gameplay
  • You can play your favorite team such as Liverpool FC, FC Barcelona and many more
  • Play online in Free Kick and Shooting Race modes

Download Football Strike Here

3. World Soccer League

This one of the top best offline multiplayer soccer games and it has a good graphic and a better football environment. It has so many features you will definitely like, below are few of the features:

Key Features

  • It saves video per moment, so you can watch each of your moves precisely.
  • The football game is available in 15 different languages
  • The game provides you a realistic feel and you can enjoy thrilling shots, dribbling and other fancy features.
  • It’s comprises around 60 national teams, more than 60 clubs and over 2000 players.

Download WSL Here

4. Extreme Football

Extreme Football is another amazing game with astounding graphics. I really like the experience when playing this game because every move is so excellent and very smooth. The game is good but some people are making bad reviews on Google play store due to the fact that they didn’t have the suitable device or may be it’s a glitch from the developer.

Key Features

  • This game has over 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3 matches.
  • It’s a fast-paced mobile multiplayer football game
  • You can customize your characters through collecting and applying different skins
  • You can create and join a group or club with your friends

Download Extreme Football Here

5. Soccer Stars

This game is developed by Miniclip organization, it’s actually available in both offline and online version. This game is good and you can play it on online or offline with your friends. It has all latest features you will really like.

Key Features

  • It’s easy, exciting and fun game
  • This game has it all with latest update, so you should always update it to the latest version to continue enjoying the latest version with more advance and enhance features.
  • It’s a multiplayer soccer game as well
  • Increase your chances to win by collecting different cups and teams.
  • The football game uses amazing ball physics

Download Soccer Stars Here

6. Final Kick

This football game is one of my favorite games, it’s has both offline and online version as well. The game has only 20 local tournaments in offline version. You have the chance to play with the world’s finest football playing team via Final Kick soccer game.

Key Features

  • 20 local tournaments is available for Offline mode only
  • It’s use advanced real-time animations to make the gaming experience more attractive
  • You can choose and train your football team by selecting the skillful players

Download Final Kick Here


This game is good and I’m very sure you will definitely fall for it. If you can cross 700 challenges levels you will get a dramatic career named HERO. You have the ability to invite your friends through social media like Facebook, I think this will add more fun to your game.

Key Features

  • It’s offers 720 levels and coming some more.
  • The game is simple to start or even play, but it’s very difficult to be a master of Score! Hero.
  • You have the chance to customize your Hero.
  • You can represent your country, win awards and trophies.

Download Score! Hero Here


I hope you enjoy the top best offline multiplayer soccer games for Android, if not so let’s know in the comment box.

Do you have any offline multiplayer soccer game on your smartphone that we didn’t listed above? Let’s know as well in the comment box.

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